Scroll, Click – The COVID Split

Scroll, clickA feeling of dread Scroll, click It’s all in your headScroll, click This is what I readScroll, clickBut this is what they said Scroll, click It’s getting harder to steerScroll, click Just stop living in fear Scroll, clickYou just never know Scroll, click But your chances are lowScroll, click It’s called an emotionScroll, click Well that’s a silly notion Scroll, click The numbers are high Scroll, clickIt’s all … Continue reading Scroll, Click – The COVID Split

My Fear Of Death, Uncontrollable Tingles, And A Resting Place

When I think about death I get fairly anxious. I can’t seem to let my mind rest on the topic for very long without my thoughts becoming saturated and heavy. Usually once they start to hold even just a little bit of weight their ability to float effortlessly through the air is considerably diminished and … Continue reading My Fear Of Death, Uncontrollable Tingles, And A Resting Place

Meeting The Sky

Last week we flew some kites.  I hadn’t done that since I was little.  And I’m not sure why.  Because it was absolutely.  Glorious.  Seeing the joy on their faces.  As this colourful piece of magic.  In their hands merely seconds ago.  Soared into the wind.  And took flight.  Dancing gracefully.  Up and down.  Twisting … Continue reading Meeting The Sky