Diving In

Sixteen years ago I wrote my first, very small, opinion piece which ended up getting published in the newspaper at my University. I was so proud of it and almost giddy at the time. Now, to be fair, I think the majority of submissions probably got published but that didn’t matter in the slightest. Having something that I wrote, out there in the world, readily available to people, was an extremely powerful experience for me. 


Growing up as a shy INFJ, there was a lot that I withheld verbally, and at times still do, due to a worry of how it might be received, a way of protecting the feelings of myself or others and just an extreme lack of ability to say something without thinking or analyzing with my emotional antenna first. Writing has always been and still is a way for me to bridge that divide. It is a safe way to communicate and provides me with just the right amount of space in order to express and detail the depths of my thoughts and feelings in a very exquisite and willful way.   

My love for writing is strong and as they say, still waters run deep. It probably really started to kindle when I used to journal as a kid. There is something very sacred about being able to imprint your voice on a page and then hours, days, weeks, months or even years later, revisit it. It’s almost a way for you to connect with and understand past versions of yourself – a form of time travelling art if you will. But also, just simply put, a way to learn and a way to grow. 

So here I am, writing my very first blog post. I have high hopes and expectations but that’s just me – I’m a dreamer at heart and always will be. More importantly, I genuinely want to inspire and be inspired, I want to connect and feel, and I don’t want to sit idle. I don’t want to continually tell myself that something is extremely important to me but never really start. Just like many other people in this world, probably yourself included, I want to make my mark and I want it to be unique and undeniably real. The powerful play goes on and I want to contribute my verse, or rather I need to.


Diving In.

2 thoughts on “Diving In

  1. I’m excited that you’re starting up again!

    I feel the same way at times and occasionally, I think the want to inspire and be unique makes me overthink and second guess. I’ve learned (or rather am still learning) to just “do”.

    I hope you continue to just be you. To write and let everything else follow.

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    1. Thanks, Harlan! I totally get that and understand that feeling completely. I think that’s why I’ve put off getting really in to it, which is just silly. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just you, and that should be easy to do – just need to put the work in. I am also slow on this technology but hopefully I am following you now too 😊


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