We are meant to fade 

A couple of the flowers on my orchid started to fade a few weeks ago. Eventually, they slowly fell off the stems, dropping ever so gracefully from their glory above. I thought I had killed yet another plant. Turns out I didn’t. 

image1 3

The vibrancy and intricacy of these showy blooms is no easy feat. Producing and maintaining these gorgeous flowers requires a tremendous amount of energy. This natural blossom drop allows the orchid to rest and renew its energy so it can bloom again one day. It allows it to take a step back and recharge without collapsing completely. 

I find that in life, it is hard to always keep it together. It is hard to always stay happy and seek out the things that we truly enjoy. It is hard to just maintain and I think there is a good reason for that; we are not designed to. We are meant to fade at times, we are meant to fall. When we let go of the reigns just a little bit, when we allow the grip to loosen, just ever so slightly, we are able to let go, and in those moments of sadness, doubt, negativity or angst, we leave something behind. The disposition might seem somber at first but it is short-lived. When we regain our balance, our feet have stronger footing, when we find our colour, it is more vibrant then ever before and as we look up, we can see who we really are. We can bloom again.


Letting Go

5 thoughts on “We are meant to fade 

  1. Great post!! Lately I’ve been getting far too annoyed when things don’t go to plan, or when I feel tired or a bit depressed with the day to day grind. I just want to feel happy and energetic and for things to go smoothly, and to not have to deal with working every day, dirty dishes, weeding, etc. But life isn’t meant to be all roses and rainbows. Thanks for reminding me that the discomfort, the negative feelings, all contribute to one’s being and makes you grow and change and vibrant. These feelings should be embraced just like any others. Reminds of something Calvin used to say about nothing good coming from being comfortable all the time.

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    1. Thanks! ❤️ For sure. I couldn’t agree more. Nobody really wants to go in to those feelings but when you do there is an energy release and you actually feel better and are more capable of dealing with all the day-to-day.


  2. Love the title so much. Would make a great song!

    I love the idea that fading back into the shadows and that letting go of perfect for a bit, is actually us recharging and coming back stronger. Takes what could easier be a somber feeling or defeated feeling and makes it positive. Very cool.

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