I Still

I still have the picture locket I got from a girl in my senior kindergarten class. I don’t even remember her name.

image1 4

I can still vividly see the smile I received from a new friend on my first day at a different school. 

I still have the dried petals from a red rose I was given on a high school date.

I still think of my grade 11 boyfriend every time I go to the dentist. He told me that his eyes watered like crazy from that darn light.

I still indulge in the time my grade 5 co-op student approached me, 15 years later, and told me how incredible my short stories were. 

I can still feel the subtle touch from a friend when I was crying and didn’t want anyone else to know. 

I still think about one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen from a stranger in Stratford and it wasn’t even for me. 

I still repeat to myself the countless compliments and words of wisdom I have received from others over the years.

I still never underestimate the power of human connection, no matter how small. 

I still believe that a look, a thought, a gesture or an action can ripple and have a monumental impact. 

And I still think that to share and to give and to love are our greatest gifts. 



The Moments

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