No, this isn’t about balance

Yes, we have all heard it many times before – balance is a very important aspect of day-to-day life – but I would argue there is something much more vital underneath.   

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When there is intentioned balance in our lives we feel regulated and in control. We feel healthy and a sense of wholeness. It’s not about extremes but rather a dip of the toes. But how do we get there? How do we ensure that what we are trying to balance on, is substantial and solid enough?

I think we all crave the sensation of feeling grounded because when we are steady and secure we are more adept at tackling the world. When our feet are planted, our words carry purpose and our actions see completion. Having a reliable base and a strong foundation is everything. 

So, when we build our groundwork, it’s not really about balance at all, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s about indulgence, nourishment and sustenance. It’s about consistency and familiarity, and it’s about comfort and reassurance. 

Yes, over time, our foundations can crack. They can become less secure and at times everything we thought we knew, and everything we thought we were, can simply slip through our fingers and disappear. 

So, instead of continually trying to balance ourselves, instead of trying to be that well-rounded person from afar, we need to take the time to pay attention and ensure that the essence and roots of who we are, are getting the care that they deserve.

We need to take the time to nurture ourselves and help establish and develop what is already solid. We need to rebuild what we may have lost over the years, change what no longer serves us and provide ourselves with comfort during the hard times and the struggles, because that is how we find our footing. 


Planted feet

One thought on “No, this isn’t about balance

  1. Ooooh this one really resonates with me! I love the way you described this! Especially the part about being able to tackle the world when we feel grounded. I have never really thought about balance and it’s benefits in his way. Love it!

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