Character Development

The thing I love most about any good book or movie, and often what I think makes it ‘good’, is strong character development. Being able to show or describe the extensive depth and detail of an individual to someone else, is a true form of art.


This person doesn’t need to be exceptional or extraordinary in any way at all, they just need to be real and authentic in their joy and their struggles and how they navigate the world. This includes their vulnerabilities, their idiosyncrasies and their truth. 

I often try to expose some of these things, about myself, in my writing, with the hope that it helps to create an open avenue; allowing people to relate and connect. Because that’s what we all want. 

So this is me. 

I can listen to a song on repeat until the end of time. And for the most part, I couldn’t tell you what the song is about, but just how it makes me feel. 

I love ornamental grasses, cattails and milkweeds; how they feel in my hand and how they look when they get carried off in the breeze. 

I have a vivid imagination and I often play out pretend scenarios in my mind where I become famous and talk about how I got to where I am. …Not FAMOUS famous. Just ‘best selling author’ famous. 

I struggle with dips of depression at times; strongly related to less exercise, alcohol intake, bad food and too much sugar. 

I personify things very easily and I struggle when putting the dishes away because I want to make sure the new ones go on the bottom, not for logical reasons, but because I want the other ones to fulfil their destiny as well. 

I turn into a pile of goo when someone speaks to me the right way. It’s a perfect combination of tone of voice, soft pauses and intention. 

I honestly wonder when I dream about someone, if they’re having a dream about me at the same time because how cool would that be?!

I have control issues and struggle to adjust when things don’t go as planned. 

I’m beyond sensitive and I get hurt easily. 

I fantasize about time travel a lot.

I love the smell of a freshly cut lime. 

I’m a homebody at heart who loves to be alone. 

And I’m an absolute master at the card game, memory. 





P.s. Tell me something about yourself.

P.p.s. Postscripts are fun. 

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