Parachutes of Hope

I love going for a walk and spotting this magical plant – it is definitely one of my favourites. Seeing the tiny pods bursting at the seams with hundreds of fluffy white, silk-like seeds, is intention, in one of its most exquisite and subtle forms. 

image1 5

Similar to other plants, milkweed has cultivated a form of movement in order to provide itself with opportunities and potentials to live and thrive. These parachutes of hope wait patiently to be carried away by the fall wind; their destiny determined on the wings of a breeze. 

I love opening the pods and feeling the feathery softness dance across my hands as I release them into the world, and I’m absolutely captivated when trying to catch one, as it unexpectedly and ever so gracefully, floats past me. And in either case, I always, ALWAYS make a wish. 

For some, these moments might be nothing more than nostalgia, as you remember the countless number of wishes you made as a kid on similar sails; honest and generous with whatever your heart desired.  

For me, to this day, it’s a transcendent experience every time. Like my own parachute of hope with a glimmer of potential, my wishes are big and often connect with how I want myself and the ones I love, to live and thrive. 

One danced past my daughter and I a few weeks ago. I told her the story, as to why I love them so much and the depth of the magic I feel when I make a wish. I held it in front of her and told her to do the same. She said “I wish, I wish, for ice cream”, as she blew it a kiss, and sent it off on the wings of a breeze. 



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