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It’s 5am, again

We are up ridiculously early, again

I’m asking my daughter for the fourth time what she wants for breakfast, and she’s not listening, again

My son is putting up a fight and refusing to let me change his diaper, again

We got lazy last night, so the dirty dishes are there, again

The countertop mound of recycling is growing and needs to be taken out, again

The bin of salad greens in the fridge is unopened and expired, again 

The kids are screaming at each other about who knows what, again

I’m trying to eat “healthy”, again 

And it’s really fucking cold out, again

I woke up to the sweetest hugs and kisses, again

It’s a new day, so I get to try, again

As soon as we get downstairs, my son demands that all the Christmas lights be turned on, again 

As the sparkles and twinkles light up the room, he says “wooow” with a huge grin, again

My daughter is talking about who knows what, again

It’s spirited and imaginative and I’m completely captivated, again 

The world seems like it’s our own, as all the other houses are completely dark, again

I put on some music and we have a dance party in the living room, again

The kids are playing and laughing together, again

And I’m grateful that I get to be a part of it all, again, and again 

4 thoughts on “Again

  1. Agreed, one of the best yet! You’ve captured in such a simple way the challenges and annoyances people face on a daily basis, while contrasting it with the beauty and joy we experience on a daily basis. Laying it out this way, the joy always wins 🙂

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