Sun Spots Are The Best Spots

image1 12

This time of year can be particularly trying. Like a long journey that keeps circling you back to the middle, it can feel depleting and wearisome. But these past few days have offered up something different.

The sky, in all it’s clear, blue glory, granted the sun some much needed space, and as a result, it carpe diemed the shit out of that opportunity and poured itself into our windows.

Glorious and intense sun spots emerged on our kitchen floor and we took full advantage. Like a deep craving for times gone by, we curled up and revelled in the moment, basking in our own self glow.

Like a deep exhalation from a breath we weren’t even aware of, the sunshine comforted us, warmed our souls and relaxed our beings. We felt reset and a sense of peace.

Turns out the sun is actually closest to us during the coldest months of the year. When we are going through the motions and struggling to put one foot in front of the other, it’s actually there, sitting right beside us, trying to warm our hearts.

Even though it can easily be forgotten, as it doesn’t always get a chance to make an appearance amongst the grey, it’s still there, behind the curtain of the clouds and it most certainly hasn’t gone away forever. 

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