Grocery Store Celebrities

I’ve always wanted to be the type of person who can leave the house in the morning and be somewhat oblivious to the fact that they just entered the outside world. The type of person whose demeanour stays the same, regardless if they are interacting and engaging with strangers on the street or close friends in their own home.

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Like the ones from the movies, you know? The ones that seem to know everybody and are just constantly having these ‘moments’ with people all day long. They go outside to grab their newspaper off the front porch (nobody gets newspapers anymore, I don’t know why I wrote that) and call out to their neighbour Pete across the street. They have a good chuckle about the weather and Pete’s crazy in-laws.

The ones who get on the bus and give Fred, the driver, their extra chicken salad sandwich they made that morning, because they knew he had to work a double shift again today. The ones who respond to Sally, the waitress, by saying, “I’ll have the usual”, or the ones who begin to order their coffee and realize Jolene, the barista, has already made it. They say something like “you’re a life saver!”, as they rush back out the door.

The kind of person who always addresses people by their name, because just saying ‘hi’ doesn’t even come close to cutting it – they’re too cool for that. The kind of person who gently touches someone on the arm while they confess a funny thought they had, and most importantly, the kind of person who says “cheers” in response to a “thank-you”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the shy-ish introvert that I am. And I truly wouldn’t be able to handle all of the constant conversations and interactions on a daily basis, because as my husband said – after he returned from a run-in with a door-to-door salesman – “ugh that drained my soul.” But I still have a fun time thinking about it, and it’s something I would definitely love to indulge in once in a while, and since having kids, it’s something that I actually can.

I don’t know how it happened or when the stars aligned but the three of us are definitely, what I like to call, Grocery Store Celebrities. Now I’m not going to kid myself, it’s mainly them and I just get to tag along, but I’m so glad that I do. We get waves and hellos, we talk about the weather, what we did on the weekend and what we’re planning to eat. We know some of the workers by name (Tim, Jeff and Miranda *wink*), and we share lots of stories and laughs.

It’s less theatrical then the movies and more common place, but the moments are still ‘moments’. One time we were in the checkout line and the cashier said “oh, there’s my best friends!”, and the baker just happened to be walking by at the same time and he said “they’re not your best friends, they’re mine, were BFFs!” And my heart smiled and I took that moment, packaged it up, and put it in my pocket for life!

And even though I never actually get to say stuff like “I’ll have the usual”, or “you’re a life saver!”, and unfortunately I never get to touch people on the arm, the interactions that we do have, make me feel like I do. They make me feel like I’m in the movies and it’s fun…it’s really fun.

Now I realize this isn’t much, in fact, it’s pretty simple stuff. And for most people, it’s not something they would actively think about because it’s just the way they are, but for a shy-ish introvert who has always wanted to be that type of person – even just for a moment – it’s pretty spectacular. And I definitely have my kids to thank for that.

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