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Maybe something good will come

Maybe we will slow down and start to reflect 

Maybe we will spend our time differently

And maybe what we’ve always wanted will be right in front of us

Maybe that middle aged man will finally pick up his guitar

Maybe it will change his life 

Maybe we will learn to be with ourselves 

And maybe we will finally have time to really get to know ourselves 

Maybe that couple you know will talk more 

Maybe they will reconsider their divorce 

Maybe those estranged siblings will finally connect 

And maybe we will let our emotions rise from the depths 

Because we just can’t contain them any longer 

Maybe that child will finally voice his anger 

Maybe that woman will finally realize that she’s had enough 

And maybe that friend will finally get that apology 

The one they’ve been waiting for their entire life 

Maybe this crisis will be a turning point for us 

Maybe it will cause a cultural shift 

Maybe working from home will become the new norm 

And spending time with our families will be a necessity 

Maybe we will realize that time is precious 

Maybe we will pollute less

Maybe we will be kinder 

And maybe we will be softer 

Maybe that racist person on their death bed will be comforted by a nurse of colour 

Maybe that homophobic patient in the midst of a panic attack will be calmed by a queer doctor

And maybe for a while hatred will take a step back 

Maybe we will notice each other more 

Maybe we will see

The divisions of this country 

And of this world

A little clearer 

Maybe we will begin to make that our priority 

And maybe we will begin to realize 

We are much more alike 

Than we are different 

And maybe

Just maybe

We will continue to fight together 

Just like we fought together for this

And the world will be simpler 

And better 

And more just 

Because of it 


Just maybe 

Photo by @javieralleguebarros

4 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. Love this!! Emotional reading for sure. I really hope, and I really do believe that this will change us for the better. The division part especially. What’s fascinating about this crisis is that it affects everyone in the world equally, regardless of wealth, income or status. No one can hide, and therefore everyone is in this together. And only be working together, as a society, can we make it through. Individualism won’t work.

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