The Winds Of Change


Pulled yet anchored

Strong yet weak

Half awake

Or half asleep


A firm gust

A gentle breeze 

The wind speaks loudly 

When we’re on our knees


Patient yet tired 

Open yet sealed 

Continue to fight 

Or surrender and yield 


The wind pushes left

The wind pushes right

Up with a twirl 

And down with all might 


The time has come

The moment is now

Time to let go

And take our bow


Hope for tomorrow 

Hope for today 

Guide us

Take us

Show us the way


At your mercy

In the unknown 

Tears are spilt 

But wounds are sewn 


And in good time 

We will lean and sway

Grateful and honoured 

For today 


Photo by Photo by Linford Miles on Unsplash

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