Here’s To The Shy Ones


Right from the start
They declared it – you’re shy!
The world saw us as different
Often asking, why? 

As if to say something
As if to imply
Are your wings broken?
Can you not fly? 

Feeling uneasy
We would lay in our beds
Tears glistened on our cheeks
Thoughts danced in our heads

We would often wonder
Why are the others so free?
Why, oh why
Are there not more like me? 

But in time, we realized
The depths of our souls
There wasn’t something missing
There weren’t any holes 

Untouched and real
In the most beautiful way
Simple yet silent
With lots to say

So we spoke from our eyes
And from our smiles
And we waited patiently
We waited a while

But before we knew it
By something or someone
We finally felt seen
Which was not easily done 

And deep down we felt it
What we knew all along
Our essence and selves
Were never wrong

Because wanting to feel known
Without having to explain
Wanting to feel understood
Without taking the blame 

Was something we deserved
We knew it to be true
And turns out we’re fine
Not being like you

Because the parts of ourselves
That we so rightfully protect
Often come to our rescue
And help us to connect

We know ourselves better
Than most ever will
Which comes from observing
And being, oh so still 

And even though we hesitate
There is freedom in our choices
There is power and wisdom
In our tiny little voices 

So, are our wings broken?
Not even close
Large and beautiful
But we don’t want to boast 

Can we fly?
We most certainly can
We’ve been soaring and gliding
Since this all began 

Because staying true to who you are
Is not for the faint of heart
It takes courage and persistence
To make a genuine mark 

So, here’s to the shy ones
To the brave and the unbroken
And to the magic and the beauty
Of all the words unspoken

© Taylor Carr 2020. All Rights Reserved. 

Photo by Sylas Boesten on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Here’s To The Shy Ones

  1. Love it! “So we spoke from our eyes and from our smiles”. I especially like that. I feel that I’ve spoken from my eyes and smile more in my life, and it took a while for people to respond to that. “And to the magic and beauty of all the words unspoken”. Awesome 🙂

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