When We Felt The World Together


I miss the days
We used to walk
Hand in hand

The loud noises
The scary moments
When we held each other

We never said it
But we both knew
We spoke it
From our eyes

Our little hearts
Were worried
But we held it all

There was comfort
And quiet
In the moments
That we shared

The world shook
My hands trembled
But you my friend
Were there

And as time danced on
Our depths emerged
For too long

The feelings stronger
The pain more real
A loud, ferocious

But now I’m looking
All around
Wondering where
You are

I can’t quite see
Your eyes are blurry
Our whispers
Seem so far

But my heart is aching
I need your hand
To find a sense of

Can we come back
And find each other
To finally feel
What we felt all along 


Photo by Annie Spratton Unsplash

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