Back To School?…No Idea – But We Are Positive Affirmation-ing The Shit Out Of This Place

For us, we have a little less than a week to go before school officially starts, and we still have absolutely no clue what we are planning to do; online, in-person, homeschooling, underwater, outer space – the possibilities are endless. And the extreme flip flopping that seems to be happening in my brain on the daily, appears to be getting worse. 

But despite the indecision and the incredible lack of certainty, and regardless of the fact that we don’t really have any idea when this huge social undertaking will be happening for our daughter – could be next week, in a few months, or even next year – we are getting prepared either way…in a different kind of way. 

We all know the importance of the school years in terms of learning and education – and sure, we’ve been practicing writing our name here and there – but I would argue we’re also brutally aware of the direct impact those years have on us in becoming the people we are today. Our experiences, the people we meet, the things we hear – they shape us, without question. Like sponges, we absorb every single drop, even well into our twenties, and to me, that is scary as hell. 

The comments people make, how we fit in, how we don’t fit in, if we’re different, etc – it’s all influential. And of course we can’t guarantee the types of experiences our child/children will have, or how they will process those imperative moments, or when something will simply roll off their backs or when it will deeply rock them to the core – but we can work on building their foundations, and striving to make them as strong as possible. 

Life is filled with variables and constants – that is guaranteed. And I feel like it’s easier to roll with the punches when the constants are steadier and more secure. And sure, our daughter has a solid base with us, and we know she’s important, and loved, and unique, and brave, and everything else imaginable, but transferring those deep seated facts and beliefs to her is imperative. 

When she questions herself or when she feels unsteady, I want her to be able to reach into the depths of herself and feel all of those things deep within her heart. I want her to know for certain, in her gut, unequivocally, and without question, just how amazing she truly is. 

So, we did some decorating. Colourful positive affirmations now outline our bathroom mirror, and if you didn’t already know, there’s an actual science behind it. 

When said allowed to oneself and repeated throughout the day or week, certain neural pathways in the brain are increased. A re-wiring, if you will. This helps to reinforce this positive way of thinking, and continues to shape how we process and recognize future situations and experiences that may be more negative or less than ideal. 

It’s like an exercise for your mind. 

And when you think about it, getting outside for a walk or kicking a ball around the back yard is essential for our kids and everybody knows that. Whereas again, we seem to fall flat at times in regards to the mental health category. It’s not that parents don’t say these things to their children here and there, but if we actually want them to get stronger, we have to flex that muscle on the daily. 

And this isn’t just a good reminder for my daughter but also for myself as well. 

So as we embark on this new terrain and these uncharted waters, we need this mental strength more than ever. Whatever option you have chosen – online, in-person, homeschooling, underwater, or outer space – if nothing else, just remember this one positive affirmation for both yourself and your kid(s): You are capable and stronger than you know. 

For now, you can find us brushing our teeth and getting stronger every step of the way. 

Good luck, everyone. You got this! 

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