Hi Friends

The other day. 
I went into the woods. 
And smiled. 
The wind was dancing. 
The leaves were crunching. 
And my heart was happy.

I also sat on the couch. 
And cried. 
The air was heavy. 
My thoughts were lazy. 
And my heart was tired.

It’s hard for me. 
To find balance right now. 
Things feel weird. 
Ordinary but different. 
All at the same time.

I don’t have much to say. 
Besides hi. 
And wanted to remind you. 
That it will be ok. 
We will get through this grey.

This picture makes me happy.

The lines.
The bags. 
The wrinkles. 
The crows feet. 

There’s character.
And wisdom. 
Accumulated over the years. 
From the joys. 
From the laughter.
And from the connection with others. 
But also from the hard. 
From the struggles. 
From the stress. 
And from the lonely times.

So after all this is over. 
I look forward to seeing you. 
And all your new smiles. 
Because they will be different. 
Perhaps stronger.
Maybe bolder. 
Definitely more defined. 
With more creases. 
And more shape. 
Without a doubt. 
They will be vibrant. 
And unmistakable.

They will be. 

See you soon friends.


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