Life – A Single Skip For Joy

Every day. 
We get to float aimlessly. 
Through the woods. 
On our way to and from school.

There’s a large paved walkway. 
But there are also. 
Many tiny secret trails. 
Amongst the trees.

They are curvy.
And twisty.
With ups.
And downs.

There are parts. 
You have to step over. 
And parts.
You have to duck under.

And there’s this one spot. 
Where a few trees have fallen. 
Smack-dab in the middle. 
Blocking the worn dirt.

My kids.
Throw their legs over some. 
And crawl under others. 
It’s intricate. 
And detailed.

One day. 
We were approaching the spot. 
And an older girl. 
Came up behind us. 
And quickly walked past.

We watched. 
As she ever. 
So effortlessly. 
Leaped up onto the logs.

And without hesitation. 
Skipped seamlessly.
Over top of them.

Placing each foot.
With precision.
And yet a complete. 
Lack of regard. 
All at the same time.

I looked over at my daughter. 
Her eyes wide. 
Her gaze stunned. 
And her mouth.
Slightly open.

And I knew. 
In that moment.
Exactly what.
She was feeling.

The excitement. 
The potential. 
The promise. 
And the joy. 
Of life.

This one.  
Big beautiful skip. 
Carefully crafted. 
Yet spontaneously.
Right before. 
Our very eyes. 

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