I Get Rescued Every Day

I try really hard.
To be a good Mom.
But I’m human.
So sometimes.
I get things wrong.
I say and act in ways.
I often regret.
I’ve cried myself to sleep.
Have I screwed them up yet?
But thankfully.
Without fail.
These little creatures.
Rescue me every day.
They save me.
From myself.
And all the junk.
That gets in the way.
They are wise.
Beyond their years.
Surprising me.
At every turn.
They mirror my imperfections.
They help me.
To learn.
And what I often forget.
When it’s dark.
And cloudy outside.
Are the better parts.
Of myself.
The ones they hold on to.
And store inside.
Because for some reason.
It’s harder.
To remember the good.
It doesn’t hold as much focus.
Even though.
It should.
So when these tiny arms.
Of my heroes.
Wrap around me.
I take a breath.
And recognize.
I’m doing something right. 

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