Lost without warning 
Shadows are cast 
Darkening the days 
We hope won’t last

A heaviness settles 
The walls are caving in 
Lower than we’ve been

Amidst the struggle 
And the tears we’ve cried 
We long for a breath 
On the other side

So as we look forward 
To the promise of a new year 
Free to dream and hope
To rejoice and cheer

We patiently wait 
For the imminent shift 
But not without reflection 
A most tremendous gift

Because within the chaos 
Is solidarity in the eyes 
Love from the bleachers
And hope in the sky

Our hands are extended 
We listen more
Open and vulnerable 
Changed at our core

Together we’ve found 
An energy united 
The depths of our beings 
Exposed and sighted

So as we look forward 
I hope for the same 
To relish and celebrate 
In all we have gained

Because when we endure 
We ooze from our soul 
We pick up the pieces 
We become whole

And into the beauty 
Of our chance 
We are humbled and grateful 
For the dance 

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