I Choose The Road Less Travelled

I choose the pain
To bring me closer
To the joy
I choose the sadness
For a chance
To truly
Dance with happiness
I choose the truth
To have a voice
And to have a soul
That can sing
I choose the depths
So I can touch
I choose now
So I can be closer
To the moments
To the feelings
And to the magic of those glorious
I choose to be brave
So I can feel proud
In authenticity
I choose to see
With these eyes
And I choose to feel
Because I don’t know any other way
I choose
The road less travelled
The path that’s overgrown
Because it feels real
Between my toes
I choose me
Even if it’s lonely
Even if it’s hard
Even if it’s difficult
Because without question
Without doubt
She’s worth it
She needs it
and she deserves it 

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