These Wishes That I Carry

I know the walls of your room 
How they helped to keep you safe
The way you curled your body inward 
Tucking each tiny toe into place 

The feelings were simply too heavy
It was hard to catch your breath 
You tried for so long to contain it 
Pretending there wasn’t anything left

But lately I’ve been listening
I can hear your tiny voice 
I know that you’re still hurting 
And that you didn’t have a choice 

So as I stand here in my strength 
Of all I’ve learned and felt 
I’ll curl up right beside you 
Because I know that it will help 

And these wishes that I carry 
Every single one is for you 
May they help to lessen the burden 
May they show you something new 

And as you release them into the air 
On the wings of a hopeful exhale 
May they take you to far off distant lands 
May they help you cast your sail 

Photo by the extremely talented, Garv (love of my life)

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