If Your Life Was A Story, Would You Be Proud?

If your life was a story.
Within the pages of a book.
Would it capture your attention?
Or would you barely give it a second look?

Would the main character be brave?
Would they inspire you to be better?
Or would you sadly wonder.
With each turning page.
“Will they ever…?”

And in depths of the struggles. 
And in the trenches of the hard. 
Would you be cheering them on? 
Or simply watching them put up their guard?

And as you neared the final chapter. 
Would you feel satisfied and proud? 
Or would you feel cheated?
And disappointed? 
As you screamed out loud?

Luckily for us. 
Our stories are still being written. 
We can choose to be our own hero’s. 
Or we can choose to keep ourselves hidden.

So as we take each step. 
In our lives from day-to-day. 
Let us think about that reader. 
What would they want us to do and say?

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