Sloth-like Speed And A Trail Of Chocolate Chips – This Is March And April

This boy – man, I tell ya – can dig his heels in like no other.

The past few weeks have been, to put it mildly, an ultimate test of patience. Every day I felt like I was pulling teeth, while simultaneously pulling out my hair. For some reason, Nash decided to protest the one and only item we have on the agenda each day, which is walking Shae to and from school.

We tried getting ready earlier, I took the time to preface everything, I gave a 15 minute warning with additional reminders at the 10, 5, and 2 minute marks, I got crafty and imaginative, and I outlined and emphasized everything he could expect; when, where and why. But none of it worked – nadda.

The only thing that did work, and that managed to derail us from the explosive meltdowns and the absolute chaos of it all, was a trail of chocolate chips.

A would give him a couple after he got his boots on, another couple when we were half way to the school, and so on and so forth. It was like feeding a baby sloth who, despite the delicious pool of chocolaty goodness that was generously coating the inside of its mouth, could not help but drag its feet at every step.

I thought to myself, is this just a three year old? Is this the pandemic effect? Maybe a little bit of both? And then I thought, maybe – but also, this is March and April.

We had one gorgeous day last week. It got up to a balmy 17 degrees by the afternoon and we were 15 minutes early for school because Shae and Nash just skipped, ran, and splashed in puddles the entire way. The chocolate chips were nowhere to be found.

The following day, I had to break the news to Nash that instead of wearing a sweater and running shoes, we had to put our winter coats and boots back on – it was a shit show and the mention of chocolate chips just made him scream even louder.

When we finally did start walking to school – I’m not sure how that even happened – and we started to approach the huge puddle that they had just pranced and relished in merely the day before, we soon discovered that it had sadly frozen over.

Nash immediately started crying again, right then and there.

But I totally got it.

Yes, we are so very close to spring, and it will ultimately come – no one can take that away from us – but managing and surviving the ups and downs of March and April is a whole other roller coaster all on its own. One day you can feel hopeful, optimistic and full of life, and the next day you can find yourself laying on the couch, attempting to avoid the world, while inhaling a double cheese pizza as you try to coat the inside of your mouth with love.

Hope is imperative, we need it in our lives, but it comes with some stipulations as well: honesty and a willingness to dance with it. And I think March and April is just that; an opportunity to fully engage in the highs and lows while slowly moving to the music – 1, 2, 3, 4, step forward, 1, 2, 3, 4, step back.

So in the meantime let’s feel how we need to feel, without the need to pretend or the desire to tamp it down. Let’s move to the rhythm, wherever that may take us. And let’s grab those god damn chocolate chips.

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