The Thirst For Life – Why Two Ice Cubes Might Not Be Enough For You

My Mom got this orchid for me a couple months ago when I started going through a tough time. It was meant to symbolize growth, strength and most importantly, hope.

There’s a well-known general rule of thumb for watering orchids which is, two ice cubes once a week. I’ve only had one other orchid in my life before, and despite watering that one in a very different fashion, for some reason, this time, I decided to put my trust in what was “well-known” to everybody else.

It was only a few weeks later that the blossoms started to collapse and droop. Orchids are very particular, so I didn’t know if she was getting too much water or not enough. I started to be consumed by my own doubts and fears that this particular plant was maybe just representing, what felt like the ultimate downfall, that was currently happening in my life.

I’ve always gone to the beat of my own drum. If someone tells me anything with conviction, the wilful, stubborn side of me immediately rises to the surface and starts to get really curious, to put it mildly. It has allowed me, for the most part, to learn how to listen to myself and to know what works for me, rather than what works for everybody else.

Orchids have very showy blooms and as such it takes a lot of energy to maintain them. I would say, in a way, I have showy blooms, too. Not in the traditional sense of how I externally present myself to the world, but rather how I look and feel from the inside, out.

Authenticity, genuineness, and truth, all mixed into one, is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – it’s where I put all my energy. And even though it’s more real, it’s actually a lot more work, too.

To confront and dive in to the harder parts of your life – because keeping things as is and continuing to sweep it all under the rug like most people, is not what works for you – is without a doubt, incredibly time consuming and draining. But it is worth it. The trick is just making sure that you’re getting the right amount of care.

So as such, if you’re at all like me – showy blooms and all – two ice cubes might not be enough for you. In fact, a simple general rule of thumb is not even close to encompassing all that you are.

So, when I began to recognize this, and I started to remember what I knew, what had worked for me in the past, and what was well-known to me, I started to water her differently. I submerged her base into a bowl for 15 mins and she nearly drank it all – she was so thirsty.

Instead of deciding how much water she needed, I let her show me. And within a day or two her blossoms were outstretched and vibrant once again.

Things are still hard for me right now, and I’m sure they will be for a while. Strength in growth is not easy, and a general rule of thumb can’t even begin to explain or encapsulate it. It’s complicated and messy, but it is worth it.

And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, whatever you’ve mixed in there for yourself, is definitely worth struggling for – you just have to make sure that you get the right amount of care, in order to get there.

So right now I’m listening to myself, and I’m letting her tell me what she needs. And in time, with some patience and a little bit of hope, I know, that without a doubt, my showy blooms will start to open once again – outstretched and vibrant like never before; the thirst for life. 

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