Meeting The Sky

Last week we flew some kites. 

I hadn’t done that since I was little. 

And I’m not sure why. 

Because it was absolutely. 


Seeing the joy on their faces. 

As this colourful piece of magic. 

In their hands merely seconds ago. 

Soared into the wind. 

And took flight. 

Dancing gracefully. 

Up and down. 

Twisting and turning. 

Unpredictable and spontaneous. 

They even gave me a turn. 

And as the kite caught the wind. 

I could feel it. 

In my body. 

And in my soul. 

Like I was meeting the sky. 

For the very first time. 

Like it was trying to pull me up. 

So I could somehow understand. 

Trying to let me experience. 

Just for a moment. 

The powerful and beautiful. 


That is nature. 

That is life. 

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