Maybe It’s Not About Finding The Light

The past week or so has been really hard.
I’ve had a lot of anxiety.
My thoughts have been all over the place – 
incredibly hard to settle,
and always taking off on the wildest of adventures.
It’s not fun.
And in those moments,
I immediately want it all fixed.
What’s the a, b, c, sequence,
what are the steps I need to take
that will lead me
to the higher ground?
I’ll do whatever it takes.
But what I always forget –  
because anxiety is so damn convincing – 
is that in those moments,
what I really need
is to just try and sit.
Try to slow down.
Try to feel
the not so great feelings
that I need to feel.
With no answers.
No big picture.
And no urgency to see.
I just need to be ok
in the uncomfortable, 
as my eyes adjust
to the dark. 

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