If I Could Travel In Time – The Shallow And The Deep

I have absolutely no interest in the future.

My adventures would be solely in the past.

Precariously belly diving

into our childhood deep freeze

for a banana popsicle

during a backyard badminton tournament.

Making a more sound decision

and never getting my belly button pierced


It’s one of my only real regrets.

And having some sense to put on

even just a small amount of sunscreen

to avoid that burn of all burns

in 2001.

I’d treat it all like a very vivid dream

And throw caution to the wind.

Go on more dates – lots of them

Rock some worlds and blow some minds – ha!

Square off

with all those assholes in high school

and rip them some brand new ones.

And I wouldn’t be so nice all the time

especially to people that didn’t deserve it.

I’d go back to when I was 6

just to remember how I felt day-to-day

and to let her know

that it was all going to be ok.

I’d make my brother and I talk more

about the deeper stuff

the more uncomfortable stuff.

I’d lay peacefully in my bed

half awake but half asleep

as the clicks and clacks

of my Mom doing her makeup routine

filled my ears.

And I’d go back to when my parents were kids

when they needed someone the most

in those life altering moments

and I would give them a giant hug.

I’d pet my cats.

I’d show and feel my emotions.

And I’d try to say

all the things

that were hard to say.

Where would you travel to? 

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