Positive Affirmations 2.0

Positive Affirmations 2.0

My sensitivity is important
it means that I’m paying attention. 
My emotions are complicated and necessary
they connect me to the deepest part of myself. 
My anxiety is a misunderstood friend
she’s well intentioned and tries to protect me.
My introversion is my super power
it guides me to my special place of joy. 
My shyness is endearing
it makes me feel authentic. 
And who I am at my core 
is someone 
I truly love.

…your turn. 

P.S. I will also not get down on myself when all of these beautiful statements somehow don’t seem as true from time to time. Instead, I will be compassionate and understanding, and I will acknowledge that I am just a human being riding the ups and downs of life. 

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