Being ok
with not being ok
is easier said than done. 
The default modes of
”everything’s fine”
“I’m good”
“I’ll manage”
are powerful as fuck. 
Because life doesn’t stop
the hard parts don’t stop.
So we’re sort of forced to
do the dance
and keep going.
But I think
now and again
we need to try and honour
those other parts of ourselves
The parts that want to curl in on themselves
The parts that want to pack their bags, get on a plane and disappear for a while
The parts that can’t fathom interacting with the world for one more single second
The parts that just want to be taken care of 
for once, 
instead of always having to take care of others
The parts that read my previous posts,
the really positive and inspiring ones,
and just roll theirs eyes
while whispering
The parts that are just plain sad or mad
for no apparent reason
And the parts that scream at the universe
while driving in the car
“what do you want from me!?!?”
Because it’s all valid.
Life gets hard
and sometimes it stays hard
and sometimes
you’re just fucking done.
And the only thing that makes it
even a tiny bit better
is knowing that someone else
is done too. 

In solidarity 

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