feb club

10 years ago,
i started a club with my friends,
called…feb club. 
for the month of february 
we shared fun facts, 
inspiring quotes, 
cool ideas, 
our pains, 
our struggles, 
and our recipes
to get through it all. 
we kept it going for a solid 
8 years! 
it wasn’t a fix – 
i would never want a fix, 
i know the importance of sitting in the grey – 
but rather a daily reminder 
that we were all in it together. 
i feel this sense of accomplishment 
once january is done,
then feb comes along, 
peeking it’s head out, 
and saying “hellooooo!”
in this high pitched squeal, 
like an unwelcome neighbour 
barging in through your front door
without knocking. 
side note: i don’t have neighbours like that. 
that would be my absolute worst nightmare. 
but anyways, 
i feel like we need a little extra help in feb, 
so i’m going to do the same on here – 
sharing little, tiny things, every day – 
with less emphasis on it being 
worthy enough or not, 
and more emphasis 
on the importance 
of just sharing. 
because even though it’s grey
there is also sunshine – 
two things can be true 
at the same time. 

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