Crawling through a Window

The past two weeks have been 


I know that isn’t a word,

but often times

feelings are hard to translate.

Sickness took us down…hard.

I’ve become a creamy bowl of 

sadness soup. 

It’s ok though. 

For some reason I like to stay in this space

for as long as I can 

when it’s available. 

Maybe because it’s not something 

that’s normally encouraged. 


I cut my finger pretty badly this morn. 

As I was trying to stop the bleeding 

I looked outside

and noticed some cardinals 

landing at the empty feeder. 

After the bleeding stopped 

and I bandaged myself up, 

I got all my gear on. 

I went to the back patio door

but I couldn’t get the screen door to budge –  

it was frozen shut. 

I went out the front door and around the back 

but I couldn’t get the gate to open – 

there was too much snow on the other side. 

I took a deep breath and swallowed, 

my raw, sore throat sent shooting pains

up into my ears – 

it’s been 5 days and I still can’t shake this sickness. 

I don’t know why 

but I needed the birdies 

to be happy today. 

So I crawled through the downstairs window, 

filled up the feeder, 

and crawled back inside. 

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