Mom, What Happens When You Die?

I don’t want to die

she said.

I could see the emotion

rise from her throat

and flood into her eyes.

I know

I said.

I don’t know what happens, cutie.

No one really does.

Some people believe you go to a place

called heaven.

Some people think you get reincarnated

and can come back

as another person

or even a cat.

Others think that you’re no longer in your body

but your energy

and your spirit 

are still here *reaching my arms up into the air*,

and in here *pointing my finger to her heart*.

I do know that the trees

lose their leaves each year

in winter,

and when they’re like that

they don’t really look alive.

But each spring 

their leaves grow back,

in beautiful shades of green. 

And I also know that you get to decide

what you want to believe in.

She looked at me

with hope in her gaze.

She said,

if I come back as another persons baby,

I wouldn’t want another Mom,

I would want you,

and I would come find you.

I would come find you too, cutie. 

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