Let’s start witha jack-in-the-box.The jack - the toy -represents a feeling;a particular feelingthat we’re currently tryingnot to feel.Don’t feel sad.Don’t cry.Don’t get so angry.Don’t be upset.Don’t be shy.Don’t feel nervous.Everything’s ok.Contain your feelings.Cover them up.Put them in this box.And make sure you shut the lid.So we shut the lid.But it’s not easy.We’re met withresistance.The resistance … Continue reading jack-in-the-box

you are always within reach  of yourself.  and although time is fleeting  it is also everlasting.  there’s opportunity, every day to arrive  a little closer in time and space to the person you’ve always wanted to become. and there’s always opportunity  to arrive again.  📸 by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash 


Being okwith not being okis easier said than done. The default modes of”everything’s fine”“I’m good”“I’ll manage”are powerful as fuck. Because life doesn’t stopthe hard parts don’t stop.So we’re sort of forced todo the danceand keep going.But I thinknow and againwe need to try and honourthose other parts of ourselvessomehow.The parts that want to curl in on themselvesThe … Continue reading Done