I had a dream the other night. I was upstairs in the hallway of my childhood home. My younger self was staring right back at me - a long stretch of hardwood floor illuminated by the simple moonlight separated us. She was visibly upset; tears streaming down her face. She seemed scared to move, almost … Continue reading hallways

Positive Affirmations 2.0

Positive Affirmations 2.0My sensitivity is importantit means that I’m paying attention. My emotions are complicated and necessarythey connect me to the deepest part of myself. My anxiety is a misunderstood friendshe’s well intentioned and tries to protect me.My introversion is my super powerit guides me to my special place of joy. My shyness is endearingit makes me feel … Continue reading Positive Affirmations 2.0

Looking For Joy

Covid finally came for usand we got knocked down hard. Like wild fireone right after another. Being sick is brutalbut being sick with sick kids is soul crushing. We got every symptom imaginableplus pink eye ear infectiontonsil infection and Garv got a pneumonia.For the past 12 days I’ve just been trying to hold onwhile also feeling pretty downdefeated numband stagnant.It makes you irritated and mad when you … Continue reading Looking For Joy

Truth and Reconciliation

The truth is hard to sit with. It’spainful ugly disturbing surprising and incredibly messy. It’s why we often choose to not swallow it.  But we need to because it’s not about us.Our hearts should ache. Our hearts should bleed. It’s our turn to carry the weight. 

6 Simple, Beautiful Words That Make All The Difference

What makes a great Mom? Many things. But the ability to say these six, simple, beautiful words, is definitely one of them. I’ve been working on myself for a very long time now and it’s no easy task. Uncovering, processing, and working through old wounds and very tender emotions - ones that were never truly expressed … Continue reading 6 Simple, Beautiful Words That Make All The Difference