To The Appreciators

This is to all the appreciators out thereTo all the dreamers. To the ones who can see every possibility and horizonWithout limitations. And to the ones who can truly admire the viewAs they continue to try, reach, and believe With no other intentionsThen to keep dancing.

A Minute 

With a deep exhaleMy head lets goOf the things it’s trying to holdOf the things it’s trying to know My hand reaches outTo brace the weightFingers gently slidingBack and forth to clean the slate With a deep inhaleMy heart rises throughGiving light to what’s simpleGiving light to what’s true 

*Sigh*I just spent a few days at my Dad’s cottage. It sits right next to The gorgeous beast That is Lake Huron.  There’s something about water About being by it. The force and energy of it all. The crushing And crashing of the waves. The word powerful is not enough. It’s intoxicating.It’s infusing. It’s influential. And it feels like home. I did grow up on the waterBut … Continue reading

It’s only 10:30 am and I’ve already cried four or five times today. I drove half way to meet my Mom this morning. We sat in a parking lot for over an hour and talked about life. I could barely get the words out, “Thank you for being such a great Mom.” Then I came home to homemade treasures, … Continue reading