It’s only 10:30 am and I’ve already cried four or five times today. I drove half way to meet my Mom this morning. We sat in a parking lot for over an hour and talked about life. I could barely get the words out, “Thank you for being such a great Mom.” Then I came home to homemade treasures, … Continue reading

Scroll, Click – The COVID Split

Scroll, clickA feeling of dread Scroll, click It’s all in your headScroll, click This is what I readScroll, clickBut this is what they said Scroll, click It’s getting harder to steerScroll, click Just stop living in fear Scroll, clickYou just never know Scroll, click But your chances are lowScroll, click It’s called an emotionScroll, click Well that’s a silly notion Scroll, click The numbers are high Scroll, clickIt’s all … Continue reading Scroll, Click – The COVID Split