Lost without warning Shadows are cast Darkening the days We hope won’t last A heaviness settles The walls are caving in Unrecognizable Lower than we’ve been Amidst the struggle And the tears we’ve cried We long for a breath On the other side So as we look forward To the promise of a new year Free to dream and hopeTo rejoice and cheer We patiently wait For … Continue reading Endure

Ugh. Happy Fucking Holidays – The Tale Of Two Taylor’s

The other day I started writing a beautiful poem called ‘Here In My Heart’. It reflected on the loneliness and sense of loss we are all feeling this holiday season, while also uncovering and emphasizing our extremely simple, yet always powerful, saving grace; the things that have been, and always will be, in our hearts.  … Continue reading Ugh. Happy Fucking Holidays – The Tale Of Two Taylor’s

I Get Rescued Every Day

I try really hard.To be a good Mom.But I’m human.So sometimes.I get things wrong.I say and act in ways.I often regret.I’ve cried myself to sleep.Wondering.Have I screwed them up yet?But thankfully.Without fail.These little creatures.Rescue me every day.They save me.From myself.And all the junk.That gets in the way.They are wise.Beyond their years.Surprising me.At every turn.They mirror … Continue reading I Get Rescued Every Day

Life – A Single Skip For Joy

Every day. We get to float aimlessly. Through the woods. On our way to and from school.There’s a large paved walkway. But there are also. Many tiny secret trails. Amongst the trees.They are curvy.And twisty.With ups.And downs.There are parts. You have to step over. And parts.You have to duck under.And there’s this one spot. Where a few trees have fallen. Smack-dab in the middle. Blocking the … Continue reading Life – A Single Skip For Joy


As the caterpillar Slowly inches by As the tears let up Into a gentle sigh  As an expanding breath Rises from the depths As the tiptoes go undercoverActing as steps  As a long stretch Is eagerly held As the wrong words Are accidentally yelled  And as the beads of glass Sit peacefully after the storm It’s all so still And not yet formed

Hi Friends

The other day. I went into the woods. And smiled. The wind was dancing. The leaves were crunching. And my heart was happy. I also sat on the couch. And cried. The air was heavy. My thoughts were lazy. And my heart was tired. It’s hard for me. To find balance right now. Things feel weird. Ordinary but different. All at the same time. Anyways.I don’t have much … Continue reading Hi Friends