feb club

10 years ago,i started a club with my friends,called…feb club. for the month of february we shared fun facts, inspiring quotes, cool ideas, pictures, stories, our pains, our struggles, and our recipesto get through it all. we kept it going for a solid 8 years! it wasn’t a fix - i would never want a fix, i know the importance of sitting in the grey - but rather a daily … Continue reading feb club


Let’s start witha jack-in-the-box.The jack - the toy -represents a feeling;a particular feelingthat we’re currently tryingnot to feel.Don’t feel sad.Don’t cry.Don’t get so angry.Don’t be upset.Don’t be shy.Don’t feel nervous.Everything’s ok.Contain your feelings.Cover them up.Put them in this box.And make sure you shut the lid.So we shut the lid.But it’s not easy.We’re met withresistance.The resistance … Continue reading jack-in-the-box