To all the Mondays out there, I get it.

You have a pretty hard gig, there’s no doubt about it. Being the first day of the week is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

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It’s unpopular and lonely to say the least. People dread your arrival and then cheer when you finally get up and leave. 

Planned events and even the garbage of the the to-do lists are scheduled on other days. 

The lead up and the party always happens without you, and sadly, the comedown is something you yearn for. 

Instead, you’re stuck with the mess, the clean up and the withdrawal, as you shuffle people reluctantly back into their routines.

But you also hold a much greater purpose. 

You encourage people to indulge in their anger and their sadness. 

You hold no expectations and no judgements – allowing people to mope around and drag their feet. 

You provide space for people to feel the way that they need to feel and to think the way that they need to think. 

And without you – balancing it all out – we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the good and enjoy the easy. We wouldn’t be able to invest in our own happiness. 

So, I’m sorry for trying to change you and for the uplifting and positive posts. I understand that on the wrong day they can just be eye-rollingly irritating. So, you be you, because the world is better because of it. 


I’m going to switch things up and start posting on Wednesday’s for a while….starting next week….this is my post for this week 🙂

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