To The Ones I’ve Met Along The Way

I often think about 
All the people I’ve met
The smiles exchanged
And the moments kept

The momentous glances 
From far across the way 
To the subtle touches  
As they leaned in to say 

A few simple words 
Or the insides of their hearts 
It all danced on my stage 
It all played an important part

And the lingering energy 
Like it was all meant to be
Echos in the empty spaces 
Wild, perfect, and free

Memories cascading  
To gently remind my soul 
Circling on re-play
Helping to make me whole 

Indebted to time 
The most sublime gift
To all the moments had
And to all the moments missed

So here’s to all the ones 
I’ve met along the way 
To the ones who had to go 
And to the ones who chose to stay

The influential magic 
Of our lives on one another 
Never truly known 
Just a gorgeous, subtle change of colour 

Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

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