Cheers to…

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Cheers to the old you and the new

To the trials and the blues

To the sunshine and the rain

To the laughter and the pain


Cheers to the opportunities and chances not taken

To all the days gone by and the dreams forsaken

To the tiny steps you took along the way

To the small important things you needed to say


Cheers to the things you got right and all your imperfections

To the surface bullshit and the deep reflections

To the days you’ve had and the ones to come

To all the strides until you’re done


Because life is messy and gorgeous and mean

It is hard and beautiful, soft and keen

It is the things you love and the things you hate

And it’s never defined by a date


It’s all of you

Every single part

The head, the body

And the heart


You might feel stagnant

You might feel the same

But I guarantee you

There is a lot you’ve gained


So take a breath

Take your time

It’s all important

And sublime 

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